Cambox Xtrm2

product Cambox Xtrem

Keep a record of your best sensations with our new generation helmet cam specially designed and developed for extreme sports.


Cambox is almost invisible thanks to its integration under the visor.

With its 38 grams, you will have an impression of lightness.

With its 15 mm thick she will be forgotten.


Attaches below all visors.

Its exclusive patented system of swiveling arms easily adapts to all visor shapes, whether they are curved or straight, flexible or rigid.

This ground-breaking features offers limitless ways to use the camera. Our camera is compatible with 95 of helmets.


From now on, you can record safely.

The Cambox Xtrm2 preserves the protective role of the helmet thanks to its Velcro© fastener system.

If the visor is subjected to a violent impact, the Velcro© fastener system allows the camera to safely detach.

6 unprecedented benefits

position position discreet discreet safe safe lightweight lightweight simple simple stylish stylish

Use it for all activites

Coaching - Training - Competing - Recreation

Made in France

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